our services and solutions

  • Vibration/Acoustic Monitoring

    GeoScan gathers the seismic data from the blast and analyzes the results to aid in blasting liability claims. We provide independent third-party investigations to aid companies in the post blast process. Utilizing cellular telemetry devices (where service is available), reports can be viewed in REALTIME! Our customers can also view seismic data online!
  • Blast Consulting

    GeoScan's expert blasting consultants can assist you in developing a more efficient drilling and blasting operation. This includes increased production potential through better fragmentation by minor adjustments to blast designs, which leads to reduction in powder costs, equipment maintenance, less vibration issues and fewer citizen complaints, damage claims, lawsuits, etc.
    • Blast Plan Remediation
    • Drill Pattern Managment
    • Shot Timing
  • Rainfall Monitoring

    GeoScan's latest addition in our service fleet! We can measure and report the amount of rainfall at the jobsite, remotely!
    • Daily Reports
    • Weekly Reports
    • Monthly Report
    • Remotely Monitored
  • training & additional services

    GeoScan enlists one of Kentucky's few authorized Instructors for the Basic 30-Hour Blaster class, which is required by law prior to being certified as a surface coal mine blaster in Kentucky.

    Blasters receive not only the required blasting training but also receive additional advanced blasting training.

    Our Instructors can show experienced blasters more efficient blast design options to get optimum fragmentation with fewer complaints.

    We also provide 4, 8 or 16-Hour Blaster Refresher Training Classes for Virginia and Kentucky Blasters for renewal of mining, quarry, or construction licenses.

    GeoScan has many more services we offer! Have a special request? Send us an email!
    • Internal Auditing
    • Signature Hole Analysis